Love of Animals Spurs Creation of Animal Rights Networking Group

Mystic Animals Right Force Group is seeking new members who have a passion for animals.

In a kitchen in Mystic, a group of people are cooking and eating vegan food while talking about animals. That's what Mystic resident Lindsay Rubin hopes will someday be the reality. She is forming the networking group "Mystic Animals Right Force".

“I was always the animal obsessed little girl, always begged for a dog,” Rubin said. “I felt differently about things, I would feel weird pulling apart lobster, for instance.”

Rubin, a graduate of Siena College, moved to the Mystic area in September, 2011, where she began working at Arcanatura USA in Groton and volunteering at Beech Brook Equine Rescue in Mystic. After searching for a way to connect with fellow animal lovers and get involved in animal rights, but finding no such local group in existence, she decided to form her own.

“I spent the first year really settling into the area and now I’m seeing what more I can do to get involved,” Rubin said. “It’s in the super initial phase— I’m gauging interest.”

While the group is just getting started Rubin has already created a Mystic Animals Right Force Facebook page which states:

Mystic Animal Rights Force is an organization that links animal lovers in the southeastern CT area. Whether you are experienced in living a plant-based lifestyle, or simply interested in learning more about a plant-based diet for health, animals or the environment, we welcome you!

As Mystic Animal Rights Force grows, you can look forward to meeting local, passionate animal lovers like you looking to make changes big and small. Whether it is a potluck dinner, documentary screening, or vegan-baking lesson, you can look forward to fun, engaging conversation, both online and in person at events organized by MARF.

Rubin said she hopes the group becomes a type of networking group for people with a knowledge, interest and passion for animals. While Rubin has been a vegan for about six months she said the group is not limited to vegans.

“I want it to be broad, mainly animals rights for people who are interested in animals,” Rubin said.

She has plans for the organization to be a laid back opportunity for events and discussions and has already gotten in touch with the humane society to see if there was anything they could partner in.

For more information on the group visit the Mystic Animal Rights Force on Facebook.


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