Viewfinder: Seaside Houses With Names

Groton Long Point Residents Find Unique Monikers For Home, Sweet, Home

Groton Long Point, established in 1921, is a resort community less than a square mile in area. This unique locale thrives between June and September, when many out-of-area homeowners return for the summer. As of the 2010 census, Groton Long Point had a population of 518.

"This town comes alive during the summer," said Sarah Lomeareo, assistant manager at the Groton Long Point Yacht Club. "It has a very safe feel. What I like about it is that it's more bikes, walking and families, and less cars."

Lomeareo has spent summers at Groton Long Point since age 5, and said the intimacy of community created lifelong friendships for her.

So, why name your house?

"I guess ship captains used to take the names of their ship and put them on their houses," Lomeareo explained. "The really old houses are names of ships, and it caught on." 


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