Groton And Stonington Patch Users: North End Deli Cupcakes Are The Best

Food Fight for the best cupcakes in Groton and Stonington

The people have spoken and  are the master cupcake bakers in Stonington and Groton.

“Humongous delicious cupcakes,” wrote of North End.

concurred writing: “Definitely North End! All Their pastries, cupcakes and delectable sweets are consistently and insanely scrumptious!”

Patch users spent the past week in Stonington and Groton. North End Deli was a late nominee but on Friday, Feb. 10, the bakery quickly took the lead and kept it throughout the weekend voting period, promoting the food fight on their Facebook page.

North End Deli captured 52 percent of the 173 votes cast in the Cupcake Food Fight. Second finisher, in Mystic, also had a lot of support on Facebook but it wasn’t enough to catch the Groton bakery.

Here are the complete results of the poll:

  • First Place: North End Deli with 52 percent of the votes
  • Second Place: Lis Bake Shop with 34 percent
  • Third Place: with 11 percent
  • Fourth Place:  and with 3 percent
  • Fifth Place: with 0 percent

Congratulations, North End Deli, and thank you to all who participated in the Food Fight by voting in the poll and leaving comments on the site.

We look forward to hearing from you again in the March edition of Food Fight.


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