Two Properties Sold For More Than $400,000

Groton Property Transfers from Dec. 1 to Dec. 6

Dates below represent the day the property transfer was recorded in town hall, not the date of the actual sale.

Dec. 6

Charles Pierce and Betsy Gibson Pierce, of 91 Jupiter Point Road in Groton, sold 136 Monument St. for $60,000 on Dec. 6.

Consuelo B. Bush and Hubert S. Bush, of 251 High Meadow Lane in Mystic, transferred 43D George Avenue for zero dollars to The Hubert S. Bush, Jr., MD Revocable Trust on Dec. 2.

Consuelo B. Bush, of 251 High Meadow Lane in Mystic, transferred 251 High Meadow Lane for zero dollars to The Consuelo B. Bush Revocable Trust on Dec. 2.

Consuelo B. Bush and Hubert S. Bush, of 251 High Meadow Lane in Mystic, transferred 251 High Meadow Lane for zero dollars to Consuelo B. Bush on Dec. 2.

The Richard C. Schumacher Trust, of 109 Drozydk Drive in Groton, transferred 109 Drozydk Drive for $1 to Richard C. Schumacher, trustee, on Dec. 1.

High Rock Corp., of 33 Buddington Road in Groton, sold 184 F St. High Rock Park North for $87,000 to Dolores E. Marrell on Dec. 5.

Laura Mattila, of 207 Whitehall Avenue Apt. 5 in Mystic, sold 47 Indigo St. for $123,000 to KRZ, LLC, on Dec. 5.

Dec. 5

Prudential Relocation, Inc., of 16260 North 71st St., in Scottsdale, Ariz., sold 593 Fishtown Road for $410,000 to Ryan W. Kennedy on July 22.

Roger Watrous Building & Remodeling, LLC, of 351 Wyassup Road in North Stonington, sold 111 Brandegee Avenue for $189,900 to Kalpesh Patel and Sunita Kalpesh Patel on Dec. 2.

Jody M. Beckford, of 1308 Sage Court in Chesapeake, Va., transferred 129 Pegasus Drive for $1 to Stanley H. Beckford on Oct. 17.

Peter C. Watrous Carpentry, LLC, of 34 Riverside Drive in Pawcatuck, sold 18 Ridgewood Drive for $260,500 to Katherine A. Brodaski and Daniel S. Brodaski on Dec. 2.

Dec. 2

Marion T. Fey, of 126 East Shore in Groton Long Point, transferred 126 East Shore for $1 to the Marion T. Fey Living Trust on Sept. 6.

James J. Musante and Barbara A. Musante, of 100 Cider Mill Lane in Trumbull, sold 195 Seneca Drive for $529,500 to Randy Richards and Donna Richards on Dec. 1.

Jessica L. Wilson, of 6 Jefferson Drive in Groton, transferred 6 Jefferson Drive for $10 to Seymour R. Adelman and Linda M. Adelman on Dec. 1

Moise N. Solomon and Wyle D. Solomon, of 3 Mountain Laurel Drive in Chelmsford, Mass., sold 21 Fishers View Drive for $260,000 to Jennifer A. Adriano on Nov. 23.

Howard M. Turner, of 51 Church St., Apt. 15 in Mystic, sold 57 Crown Knoll Court, Suite 79, for $90,000 to Patricia J. Cirillo on Dec. 1.

Dec. 1

Heather R. Kennerson, of 22 Pequot Trail in Griswold, stold 84 Nantucket DRive for $195,000 to James Sweat and Julie Sweat on Nov. 30.

Glenice P. Southard, of 134 Yetter Road in Mystic, sold 134 Yetter Road for $168,000 to Matthew A. Glas on Nov. 30.


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