House Sold For $900,000 On Front Street

Groton Property Transfers from Dec. 6 to Dec. 15

Dates below represent the day the property transfer was recorded in town hall, not the date of the actual sale.

Dec. 15

John H. Sutphen and Eunice E. Sutphen, of 120 Cedar Road in Mystic, transferred 35 Front Street for zero dollars to Gretchen I. Federici and Anthony Federici on Dec. 14.

35 Front Street, LLC, of 120 Cedar Road in Mystic, transferred 35 Front Street to John H. Sutphen and Eunice E. Sutphen for zero dollars on Dec. 14.

Dec. 12

Matthew A. Coatsworth, executor, of 1319 Autumn Wind Way in Henderson, Nev., sold 126 Buddington Road for $145,000 to Corazon B. Kavanaugh on Dec. 9.

Lawrence Speidell and Diane McCoy, trustees, of 2321 King Arthur Court in La Jolla, Calif., sold 68 Front Street for $900,000 to Dana and Carol Oviatt on Dec. 8.

Dec. 9

Federal National Mortgage Association, of 14221 Dallas Parkway in Dallas, Texas, sold 36 Maple Drive for $85,000 to Shawn E. Soutiere on Dec. 6.

Savings Institute Bank & Trust Company, of 803 Main St. in Willimantic, transferred Unit 1, Groton Village Condominiums for zero dollars to SI Realty Company, Inc., on Dec. 8.

James E. Crandall and Frances L. Crandall, of 38 Roberts Road in Groton, transferred 38 Roberts Road for $1 to James E. Crandall and Francis L. Crandall, trustees of the Crandall Family Trust Agreement dated Aug. 25, 2011 on Nov. 30.

Dec. 8

Michael A. Morin, of PO Box 510 in Groton, sold 89 Johl Drive for $229,900 to Eric Frank and Portia C. Frank on Dec. 8.

Roger Watrous Building & Remodeling LLC, of 351 Wyassup Road in North Stonington, sold 105 Brandagee Avenue for $194,000 to Zachary Meyenberg on Dec. 7.

Dec. 6

Charles Pierce and Betsy Gibson Pierce, of 91 Jupiter Point Road in Groton, sold 136 Monument Street for $60,000 to Scott A. McMicken on Dec. 6.


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