Largest Sale This Week Is $645,000 On Oak Street

Groton property transfers from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2

Dates represent the day the property transfer was recorded in town hall, not the date of the actual sale.

Nov. 2

Barbara R. Weeman, of 301 Hazelnut Hill Road in Groton, transferred 301 Hazelnut Hill Road for $1 to the Barbara R. Weeman Revocable Living Trust on Oct. 21.

Dorothy E. Rustigian and Henry Rustigian, Jr., of 72 Kent St. in Cumberland, R.I., transferred 2 Boardwalk for $1 to the Rustigian Family Trust 2011 on July 21.

Nov. 1

John A. Barnes, Jr. and Jane W. Barnes, of 61 Whitney Lane in Boxboro, Mass., sold 4 Oak Street, GLP for $645,000 to Denise Zaslow Wellen on Oct. 28.

Sally M. Caglia, Trustee of the Sally M. Caglia Family Living Trust of 2007, of 5246 E. Townsend in Fresno, Calif., transferred 26 Hadley Court for zero dollars to Sally M. Caglia on Oct. 31.

Audrey Maginess and Jane E. Wardle, of San Clemente, Calif., sold 9 Spyglass Circle for $103,125 to David E. Cruise on Oct. 21.

DEG Realty, LLC, of 140 Fairways Court in Carmel, N.Y., sold 1042 Poquonnock Road for $25,000 to Donna Van Eyk on Sept. 8.

Catherine E. Graney, formerly known as Catherine E. Rollinson, of 12 Bean Court in Mystic, transferred 12 Bean Court for zero dollars to Catherine E. Graney and William J. Graney on Oct. 25. 

Oct. 31

Prudential Relocation, Inc., of 16260 North 71st St. in Scottsdale, Ariz., sold 43 Hunting Ridge Drive for $230,000 to Ze Jun Hu on Oct. 31.

Maihua Tu, of 16260 North 71st St. in Scottsdale, Ariz., sold 43 Huntington Ridge Drive for $245,500 to Prudential Relocation Inc. on Oct. 31.

Federal National Mortgage Association, of 14221 Dallas Parkway in Dallas, Texas, sold 20 Tom Avenue for $57,000 to Neal Family Living Trust on Oct. 31.

Just In Case, LLC, of 415 Thames Street in Groton, sold 298 Meridian Street, Unit L for $84,000 to James P. Garbo on Oct. 24.

Just In Case, LLC, of 415 Thames Street in Groton, sold 49 George Avenue, Unit C for $70,000 to James M. Garbo on Oct. 24.

Wells Fargo Bank National Association, of 9062 Old Annapolis Road in Columbia, Md., sold 300 Meridian St., Unit B for $66,000 to Adam McAuliffe on Sept. 20.

Muoi Thi Tang, of 19 Denison Avenue in New London, sold 507 Gold Star Highway for $280,0000 to Sisters Collection, LLC on Oct. 21.

Anne Marie Keller, of 5306 Blossom St. in Houston, Texas, sold 301 Buddington Road, Lot 55 for $25,000 to Gail and Tina Zimmerman on Oct. 31.

Wen Ming Chen, of 50 Mirra Drive in Groton, transferred 50 Mirra Drive for zero dollars to Xu Tian Chen on Oct. 31.

Lawrence L. Scavotto, of 1290 North Road, Lot 39 in Groton, sold 1290 North Road, Lot 39 for $1,000 to Long Cove, LLC on Oct. 6.

Elizabeth W. Jayne, c/o Margaret L. Andosca, executor, of 10 Donna Street in Waterford, sold 16 Russ Sims Heights for $155,000 to Joy Supples on Oct. 28.


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