L+M Nurses, Medical Techs At Pequot Protesting Lockout

Nurses and medical technicians are seen protesting the Lawrence + Memorial Hospital management decision to lock them out following their four-day strike. The nurses seen here work at Pequot Health Center in Groton.
Mariellen V. French December 06, 2013 at 03:40 PM
I drove by these picketers yesterday afternoon, and if I hadn't been on my way to a doctor's appointment, would have stopped and joined them. Our local community hospital has become a for-profit corporation, and I find providing hospital care on a for-profit basis immoral. Why should anyone profit from the misery of others?
Daniella Ruiz December 07, 2013 at 01:32 PM
their arguments seem genuine, yet i wonder why any type of written stricture regarding 'care' needs to be chiseled into stone as if it was non-negotiable at the point of delivery. until recently, hospitals were primarily run by physicians, usually very intelligent ones, with the general rule that the patients care was first in line before the cash. some administrators actually managed to live well below their income level. with medical methods and procedures now developing into a sub category akin to a small corporate spinoff for every different nick, scrape, break, ooze, growth, body part and involuntary twitch, the simple concept of 'applying care' has become a monumental red tape. as well, that is assisted by wealthy insurance moguls who see gold when the 'maybe this can make us money" enters the plan, by treating every little thing as 'negotiable' when it comes time to pay up. as the profits (err, i mean non-profit) add up, and the system of padding anyone's compensation pivots on the 'ability to pay', and the legal means to bankrupt patients becomes yet another profit center for some, any concept of charity is in limbo. and as long as a hospital woos investors and blows millions on advertisements and hoots their horn regarding 'performance' in the money area, we all must wonder if a hospital is really a hospital at all. (or a cover for some very sophisticated scam)


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