Patch Profile: Klippers Beauty Supply Depot, LLC

This new biz is on the cutting edge and its owner is a wealth of information for both women and men.


A new beauty supply shop, is open to both the pros and the public, men and women. It's located in the Ocean State Job Lot Plaza on West Main Street.

Patch spoke with owner Michele Rowe, a hairdresser made over into purveyor of shampoo, conditioners, hemp and argon (Moroccan oil) products, keratin, blow dryers, flat and curling irons, pressing combs, scissors, trimmers, clippers, manicuring/pedicuring products, hair accessories, extensions, wigs and wig products, products for swimmers, jewelry, body jewelry, skincare products, make-up, herbal tea and more!

After that list, it's hard to believe that Klippers doesn't have something but if that's the case, Michele will do her best to track it down.

How long have you lived in Clinton:  My family and I have lived in Clinton for 13+ years.

How long has Klippers Beauty Supply Depot been in business: Klippers is celebrating one year in business.

How did Klippers get its name: Catering mainly to the hairdresser and barbering business, I named Klippers for the tools of the trade. I wanted to drop the "C" and use an open pair of scissors for a "K" instead.

History of the business: Being a hairdresser for many years, and having to travel a bit to get products, I felt this would be a good location and opportunity.

What makes Klippers unique:  Klippers is unique in the fact that, unlike other beauty supply stores, it caters to both professionals and to the public. If there is something someone is looking for and I do not have it, I will try my best to get it. I will sit and discuss options, styles and colors. I also cut, set or style wigs.

What is the most popular product: My most popular product is "Crack." It's an excellent leave-in conditioner that works best on chemically treated, dry and frizzy, and chlorinated hair.

What is your favorite beauty supply:  My wigs and hair extensions.

What do you think will be the "hot" item in 2013: Cosmetics and nail designs are always going to be strong items.

What do you like best about town: The people! Clinton has some of the kindest, warm-hearted people around.

What do you least like about town: Being a businessperson in town, I feel that the town is putting too many limitations on business owners as far as how we could display signs and/or lighted features in our windows or complexes. I understand the quaintness that the town is trying to preserve, but allow us to advertise our business, and if the signs/lighting is too extreme or over the edge then let that business owner know and do something about it or be fined.

Fondest memory of town: The Bluefish Festival at Cedar Island Marina.

Any personal thoughts you'd like to share:  All in all, I love Clinton and would not want to live anywhere else.

  | 96 West Main Street 860-669-1200

Editor's note: I stopped in the shop and met the owner recently.  She really is a great resource for both women and men on their grooming needs. One customer, a man, had allergy issues with most shaving products. She had a special, hyper-allergenic product on hand for him to try.


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