Patch Users Say Sneekers Cafe is the Best Sports Bar

Sneekers Cafe wins the Food Fight for Best Sports Bar in Groton and Stonington

We know where Stonington and Groton residents will be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday. Well, at least some of them. overwhelming won the in Groton and Stonington.

The restaurant at 568 Poquonnock Rd., in Groton received 50 percent of the more than 200 votes cast. For some people it’s the high-definition TVs that matters the most when watching the game, for some it’s the food and for others it’s the people. Sneekers Cafe earned the title of Best Sports Bar in Groton and Stonington for the food, atmosphere, and loyal customers.

“Sneekers is where it’s at!!!,” wrote. “Great people and amazing food!!!”

More than 100 Patch users agreed. added “Nobody, and I mean nobody, can surpass Sneekers’ food and ambience!"

Here are the :

  • First Place: Sneekers Cafe with 50 percent of the votes cast
  • Second Place: with 19 percent
  • Third Place: with 16 percent
  • Fourth Place:  with 8 percent
  • Fifth Place: with 5 percent

Congratulations, Sneekers, and thank you to all who participated in the special edition Food Fight by voting in the poll and leaving comments on the site.

We look forward to hearing from you again in the February edition of Food Fight.


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