PHOTOS: Gifts From Around the World Will Go to Staff, Families First

According to First Selectman Pat Llodra, a plan is in place to allow residents, including Sandy Hook parents and staff, to take home more than 125,000 products of support.

At least 125,000.

But almost certainly a lot more.

That's how many cards, letters, paintings, quilts, bicycles, backpacks and any number of other gifts have come to Newtown since the events of Dec. 14, according to First Selectman Pat Llodra.

"The range of items was really stunning, and indicated the generosity of the whole world," said Llodra.

Items have been stored in spaces around town, but showcased for the public in the main hallway at the Municipal Center. Today, the town will begin the process of connecting victims of the tragedy with the many letters and tokens of support sent to them.

The three-week long process will open the riches to a wider range of recipients each Sunday.

  • Jan. 27: Parents of victims and Sandy Hook staff members will be allowed to choose items they would like to take home or include in a collection.
  • Feb. 3: All Sandy Hook parents, and all teachers from the Newtown School District, will be allowed to choose items.
  • Feb. 10: The remaining collection will be opened to all Newtown residents.


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