Westerly Hospital to Stop Delivering Babies

Employees were told Tuesday that deliveries will cease on June 1; L+M stands behind special master's decision.

The Westerly Sun is reporting that Westerly Hospital management and executives were told Tuesday that the hospital would no longer deliver babies after June 1.

Hospital administrators, the Sun said, told staff that a plan was being developed for the rest of the ob-gyn services.

Michael O'Farrell, the director of public relations for Lawrence + Memorial Hospital, which is in the midst of a complicated purchase of The Westerly Hospital, issued the following statement:

Based on all the information available, we support the mastership’s decision.

Due to low patient volumes and the staffing shortages, this, while difficult, is the right decision.

We have shared our vision and ideas with the mastership and will continue to work toward a plan to provide the best women’s health services to the Westerly community. Meanwhile, we are willing to assist the mastership in helping to stabilize the availability of gynecological, prenatal and post-partum obstetrical services in the Westerly service area.

The Westerly Hospital is currently in receivership and is being run by Mark Russo, a lawyer who was appointed the hospital's "special master," while the $69 million sale to L+M is worked out.

Check back with Patch for more information when it becomes available.

Rob January 17, 2013 at 02:43 AM
The care and service at the time of my son's delivery was wonderful. Staff were fantastic! A shame to loose such a fine well trained department. It is the best part of the entire building! Shame on this decision!
Marie Tyler Wiley January 17, 2013 at 05:17 AM
OMG...how awful. Westerly is awesome to deliver at. The ob nurses were the best...Bobette...Trish...the whole lot of them...Just wonderful!!! This is really sad for young women I know who are planning on delivering there...It's going to be devastating for them to have to readjust thier thinking. When you're expecting...you come to depend and TRUST...your local hospital..and your doctors...This is going to be really hard for them. Jeezzz..it's hard for me and it's I'm way past that stage. :( What's a hospital if you cant deliver babies????
Join Kevin January 17, 2013 at 06:31 AM
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