Rescued Harp Seal Returns to Ocean After Surgery

Puck the seal is swimming in the open seas after recuperating at Mystic Aquarium's Seal Rescue Clinic.

Puck the harp seal - Credit: Mystic Aquarium
Puck the harp seal - Credit: Mystic Aquarium
Written by Joey Francilus

Mystic Aquarium seal rescuers released a harp seal named Puck into the Atlantic Ocean Thursday, three months after they found him beached on the Rhode Island coast.

The aquarium told Patch the earless seal species was released at 9 a.m. today at Blue Shutters Beach in Charlestown, R.I.

In March, the male seal was found along the beaches of Little Compton, 35 miles southeast of Providence, reports Hartford’s CBS affiliate WFSB. Puck was dehydrated and had “a large number of rocks” in his stomach. He was taken to the Seal Rescue Clinic at the aquarium, where surgeons removed the rocks.

According to the aquarium’s website, their animal rescue program encourages beachgoers in Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York’s Fisher Island to report beached and injured animals to their rescue hotline at 860-572-5955, ext. 107.

After recovering at the clinic post-surgery, aquarium officials were pleased to announce a clean bill of health for this harp seal, making him healthy enough to return to the free seas.

Good luck, Puck!


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