Change Of Season

Just thinking about putting out of season clothes away can trigger memories.

With the excessive heat we had over the past week, I’ve been thinking about when to pack away the summer clothes and bringing out the cooler weather ones.  It seems that the day you put the warmer weather clothes away you get a heat wave! 

Naturally I thought back to when I was a child and the seasons were changing.  I was trying to remember where our summer clothes went in the winter.  We did not have an attic and all the rooms of our house were filled with people (remember I come from a family of seven).  I think maybe we stored them in our closets, at least my mother put her out of season clothes there. 

I remember the shorts my mom wore each summer and how great she always looked.  She showered every morning, first thing (still does!).  She never wore pj’s/lounge-ware all day despite having five kids to take care of.  I don’t think they even had lounge-ware back then!  Then I flash forward to me and the sloppy clothes I sometimes wear, especially if I’m not going anywhere for the day.  What do my kids think of that?  Are they going to have fond memories of pj days, mom included?

Mom was always mom to me and what I mean by that is she was an adult.  True, I am an adult also, but I don’t feel like it.  I still feel like a kid.  While growing up, I remember my mom telling me that very same thing – that she felt younger than her age and that she was still waiting to grow up!  I wonder how my children view me.  Do they see me as a mature mother or just another kid.  If I ask them how old they think I am they might say 100 or they may say 4!  When I tell them that I am 38 they look at me with big, wide eyes and say, “Really?”  Age has no relevance to them.

The other day my son stopped me from talking mid-sentence to tell me that I had some different colored hair on my head.  Although I told him that it was just some grey hairs, he insisted that they were blond.  I let that one go.  If that’s what he wants to believe, who am I to stop him?! 

I’m going to give the summer clothes two more weeks in the drawers before packing them away.  And my new resolution is to be showered and dressed everyday, whatever season it is!  Thanks mom for the inspiration!


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