Important Town Council Public Hearing on the Budget.

Town Council Public Hearing on the Budget: March 27th at 7 PM, Groton Senior Center.

The Board of Education is requesting a 1.9% increase to the budget for 2014-2015.  Last year, the budget was increased by 1.4%, but that was after cuts were made to staff, student programs, classroom supplies and extra-curricular programs; cuts which directly impacted our children. Over the past five years, despite the rising costs, the budget has only increased an average of 0.58%, with a 0% increase three of those years. To the relief of many, this year’s budget has been prepared without layoffs, cuts to programs or increased class sizes.


Please consider speaking at the public hearing, asking the Town Council to approve the $1.4 million increase that the Groton Board of Education is requesting. The public hearing is an important opportunity for anyone in the community to share their opinions about the town and the education budget. It’s important that the Town Council hear the resounding voices of parents speaking in support of Groton Public Schools. If the Groton community has placed schools as a top priority of its economic development plans, we must support the schools if we are to continue to attract families and be first rate. Increased class sizes and the elimination of student programs will not attract families to Groton.


Your positive message will be effective. Tell them what our Groton schools provide that is important to you.  That you don’t want cuts to our programs or increased class sizes.  That you value the quality of education you have come to expect from Groton Public Schools.


If you would like to review the Board of Education budget documents, they are available on the Groton Public School website, http://www.groton.k12.ct.us/Page/13612


If you cannot attend the meeting, please consider letting your voice be heard by writing letters to Town Council members (http://www.groton-ct.gov/town_gov/docs/TownCouncilors.pdf).


Whatever message you have to share, You Can Make a Difference!  Please ask our Town Council to Approve the Board of Education budget as proposed for the 2014-2015 school year. 


Deborah Johnson

augie42 March 27, 2014 at 02:43 PM
Let me correct some of the inaccuracies in this blog. There was not 3 years of no increases, just 2. Moreover, with CT minimum budget requirement, the budget NEVER goes down. The level budgets did not mean they did spent less than budgeted...look in the CAFR documents (spent $84 mil on a budget of $73 mil) on the town Web-site, so there is other money that the board can use. In those level years Kadri and the BOE's budget was propped up by $3 million in FED ARRA stimulus money that they foolishly spent on hiring PARA aides. Dr Ramos saw this last year and recommended those layoffs. Lets stop making Education about the people who administer it and make it about the children. Dr Graner put out that the majority of the increases are due to Health Care benefits. ($1.8 million) This should tell us that the employee contributions rates need to be increased. Groton's academic performance warrants more scrutiny BEFORE we spend more. With the Education budget ($75 million) being over 60% of the budget, it should be looked at closely. Scott Aument


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