Patch's Poll: Should Pesticides Be Allowed On School Grounds?

A bill in the General Assembly would roll back Connecticut's 2005 legislation banning the use of pesticides on school fields. What do you think about this issue?

A bill is pending in the state legislature that would revoke Connecticut’s 2005 law that restricts the applications of pesticides on school grounds.

“Connecticut’s landmark law banning the use of toxic pesticides on elementary and middle school fields in Connecticut is in danger of being eliminated,” said Nancy Alderman of Environment and Human Health. “Pro-pesticide forces have introduced legislation that would roll back protections for children’s health and once again permit the use of even the most toxic pesticides on school fields.”

Alderman and a coalition of public health, children's advocacy and environmental organizations, state legislators and health professionals, testified in favor of keeping the ban on Thursday.

What do you think? Take our poll and add your thoughts in the comments.

Norah G Fon March 21, 2012 at 03:16 PM
Cottam’s ASSERTIONS about the IMAGINARY DANGER of pest control products are RIDICULOUS.   Moreover, COTTAM is actually a designation for a group of Anti-Pesticide Ghost-Writers designed to DECEIVE the public ANONYMOUSLY.   This group DECEIVES THE PUBLIC about the COTTAM name, just as they DECEIVE THE PUBLIC about the IMAGINARY DANGER of pest control products.   Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION has led to CATASTROPHIC CARNAGE for businesses operating in the Professional Lawn Care Industry.   The 9|11 Era of Anti-Pesticide Terrorism is a HORROR created by the CONSPIRACY of ENVIRONMENTAL EVIL that has ANNIHILATED the Modern Professional Lawn Care Industry.   Anti-Pesticide Activists, like COTTAM, CONSPIRE to PROHIBIT pest control products that are, in fact, HEALTH-CANADA-APPROVED, FEDERALLY-LEGAL, SCIENTIFICALLY-SAFE, and PRACTICALLY-NON-TOXIC.   For more information, go to the following links ...   http://pesticidetruths.com/toc/carnage-caused-by-anti-pesticide-prohibition/ http://pesticidetruths.com/toc/cottam-ghost-writers/   WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G   NORAHG is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to harm the Green space industry. http://pesticidetruths.com/
K. Jean Cottam March 23, 2012 at 12:03 PM
What happened to the comment I just submitted? It is unfair for you to exclude my comment while including the misleading yet very entertaining contribution by Norah G Fon, a pseudonym for a group of Canadian pesticide promoters, old men who include pornographic images of stupid-looking young girls in the newsletter inflicted on a number of prominent Canadians. The alleged group of wicked ghost writers is a figment of their rich imagination!
William H. Gathercole & Norah G March 23, 2012 at 09:01 PM
Conventional pest control products are SCIENTIFICALLY SAFE. Decisions regarding pest control products are to be left with both Environmental Protection Agency and Health Canada. These government agencies, and NOT Anti-Pesticide Activists like the Cottam Ghost-Writers, have THE ESSENTIAL EXPERTISE on the subject of pest control products. Both Environmental Protection Agency and Health Canada have assessed that products containing 2,4-D DO NOT POSE UNACCEPTABLE RISKS to human health or the environment. Are we to believe that an assessment from an ANONYMOUS Ghost-Writer is somehow worth more than these agencies ?!?! For more information about COTTAM, go to the following links ... http://pesticidetruths.com/toc/cottam-ghost-writers/ For more on DERANGED LOW-CLASS TRAILER-PARK MYSOGINISTS, go to ... http://pesticidetruths.com/wpcontent/uploads/2012/01/Force-Of-Nature-Culprit-Cottam-Ghost-Writers-2012-03-31-UNMASKED-My-Naked-Teats-Are-Not-Harmed-By-Pesticides-pdf.pdf WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G. NORAHG is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to harm the Green space industry. http://pesticidetruths.com/
Norah G Fon March 24, 2012 at 02:56 PM
Children DO NOT develop Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder because of pest control products. There is NO SINGLE KNOWN CAUSE for all of the different types of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. NON-EXPERT Anti-Pesticide Activists like Sheryl DESPICABLY USE SICK CHILDREN to SCAM and DECEIVE the public MERELY TO INFLUENCE PUBLIC OPINION ABOUT LIFE-STYLE CHOICES such as lawn care. Activists like Sheryl KNOW NOTHING about pest control products, but knows lots about MINDLESS, SENSELESS, and FRAUDULENT FEAR-MONGERING ! They basically IGNORE SOUND SCIENCE because it is CONVENIENT for them to do so ! Anti-Pesticide Activists like Cheryl USE SICK CHILDREN to validate UNPROVEN and IMAGINARY DANGER with conventional pest control products. It can be concluded that activists like Sheryl could not care less about the health children. For more information about PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS AND CHILDREN THAT ARE NOT AT RISK, go to the following web-page ... http://pesticidetruths.com/toc/children-are-not-at-risk/ WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G. NORAHG is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to harm the Green space industry. http://pesticidetruths.com/
K. Jean Cottam March 24, 2012 at 03:21 PM
Interestingly, Wm H Gathercole and Norah G are the only contributors here who routinely resort to overcapitalization; this, I am sure, the vast majority of contributors would find highly annoying. Gathercole etal are in a habit of forcing their misguided rantings and ravings down everybody's throat. Moreover, the kind of language they use--e.g. "sound science"--is usually avoided by all independent experts.


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