Patch's Poll: Should Pesticides Be Allowed On School Grounds?

A bill in the General Assembly would roll back Connecticut's 2005 legislation banning the use of pesticides on school fields. What do you think about this issue?

A bill is pending in the state legislature that would revoke Connecticut’s 2005 law that restricts the applications of pesticides on school grounds.

“Connecticut’s landmark law banning the use of toxic pesticides on elementary and middle school fields in Connecticut is in danger of being eliminated,” said Nancy Alderman of Environment and Human Health. “Pro-pesticide forces have introduced legislation that would roll back protections for children’s health and once again permit the use of even the most toxic pesticides on school fields.”

Alderman and a coalition of public health, children's advocacy and environmental organizations, state legislators and health professionals, testified in favor of keeping the ban on Thursday.

What do you think? Take our poll and add your thoughts in the comments.

LiveForFreedom March 10, 2012 at 03:24 PM
I am not sure this poster is saying what she really intends to communicate because emotions tend to cloud rationale thinking. But I agree that the government should not be in our gardens, my food pantry, my bedroom, my children my diet, my church my doctors office, my healthcare and my schools. We are free citizens and do not need the government to manage every aspect of our lives. I do not want to live in a nanny state.
K. Jean Cottam March 10, 2012 at 04:29 PM
While I agree that my government should not be oppressive, I have enough respect for my neighbors not to poison them with my pesticides. The problem with pesticides is that they travel indiscriminately, both on land and in water. I am also aware that repeated, multiple pesticide exposures have been found to be especially harmful to pregnant women and young children, including those of school age. There is a big difference between a nanny state and a jungle where everything goes and living beings are constantly endangered.
Maugle Sierra Vineyards & Winery March 10, 2012 at 04:36 PM
We utilize organic sulfur to minimize the impact of ticks on the vineyard. For a brief period after application there is a slight odor. Micronized sulfur that is water missable is not classified as a pesticide but it works well. Ten years on the vineyards and no lime desease to date. Can't say that this would work for school grounds applications, as some people have differing sensativities toward sulfur but it is an organic approach. Pesticides and children are not a healthy idea. Suggest that applications be made to grounds when the grounds are not in use. It is always advisable to have a qualified ie. licensed pesticide applicator, one which has insurance actually apply the pesticides. Remember problems occur when short cuts are taken. Its our health, lets make clear choices.
Matt March 10, 2012 at 06:10 PM
If you want them to stay out of your lawn, garden, and children, then why are you complaining about them repealing laws that regulate your lawn, garden, and children?????
tom March 10, 2012 at 07:54 PM
The Antisocial Curmudgeon I love all the concern about your toddlers heath ...considering 1/2 of you probably created your A.D.D . jewels to humanity under the influence of alcohol, cocaine and or pot. OR The "legal " use of prescribed toxins for your depression, bi-polar mental issues and a thousand other man made and self administered toxins. Please tax & regulate instead of using your brains for proper planning and timing to preform the necessary tasks. If its not chemicals it will be bullies, the food supply and or the water supply. News flash....our kids are going to get sick and die from genetic weakness and stupidity... this is just the new fear mongering for this week. Don't worry next week a study will come out and link overly dramatic ramblings on local blogs create a hostile environment for fetus development. and the anti fetus development league will create a slanted poll and a lobbyist group to attempt to implement more restrictions on our "FREE Society" OH GOODY another goofy cause for the face book liberals to ban together on.. (waiting to be censored again)
Thomas Cornick March 11, 2012 at 12:24 AM
Relax, they don't censor people for just appearing to be stupid.
tom March 11, 2012 at 04:29 PM
Honest expression = Stupidity.... nice correlation.
Thomas Cornick March 11, 2012 at 04:53 PM
I stand corrected, in your case your honest expression though appearing stupid and to only exist to push buttons and be an ego fulfilling sideshow still did not get you censored, ain't America great!
K. Jean Cottam March 11, 2012 at 05:35 PM
Ticks are much more likely to attack you when you are walking in the woods than on a suburban lawn. The remedy for this is simply: wear a hat! This applies to vineyards as well.
Kristin March 11, 2012 at 06:21 PM
I am disappointed, but not surprised, to see such bad information about Lyme disease in the various comments here. I'd like to clear up two major points made above: 1) Lyme disease is carried not only by deer and mice, but also by many other wild and domestic animals as well as birds, bats, mosquitos, flies and fleas. Also, the Lyme bacteria can be found in the blood stream as early as six hours after a bite, and in the brain within 24 hours. Simply taking a shower after possible exposure to Lyme-carrying ticks will likely not do enough to prevent you from contracting Lyme disease if you were already bitten. For more information about Lyme Disease prevention, treatment, and how to remove an imbedded tick, visit http://www.treatthebite.com.
Kristin March 11, 2012 at 06:30 PM
I am very sorry to hear that you had cancer. I am glad that for you, having Lyme disease was easier to treat. In my case however, I have had Chronic Lyme Disease for 15 years but was only diagnosed a year ago. Had this been caught immediately after I was infected, a few months of antibiotics would likely have taken care of it. But because it wasn't discovered sooner, it will take years and years of treatment before I can even hope to knock my Lyme disease into remission. Because of the money-driven controversy surrounding Chronic Lyme Disease however, I cannot get treatement. I would have to pay out of pocket to see a Chronic Lyme Disease specialist, in addition to the IV antibiotics and other medications that can be as expensive as $2000 a month a piece. Since I am too sick to work, there is simply no money for that. So while I could never have imagined myself saying this, in some ways I do wonder if I might have been better off having had cancer instead of Chronic Lyme Disease. At least then I could see a great doctor and hopefully have some treatement options open to me. And my two young children would be able to see me fighting this disease instead of watching it slowly killing me.
Matt March 11, 2012 at 07:10 PM
I'm not sure how anyone could think taking a shower will wash away Lyme disease. It is in your blood from a bite. Do you wash your blood out when you shower?? They will bite you long before you get home to shower. I'm all for wiping out the little bastards with whatever treatment is effective. And I'm all for fertilizing with whatever is effective to keep the grass healthy. Everything we eat has been treated with some kind of chemical at some point. As long as the treatments are applied properly by someone who knows what they are doing, I don't think we're all going to shrivel up and die from it. What we can shrivel up and die from is the diseases carried by some of the pests in the grass.
K. Jean Cottam March 11, 2012 at 07:36 PM
Bear in mind that applying pesticides properly, which protects the applicator, doesn't diminish their toxicity! And I never heard the argument that better an exposure to a pesticide than exposure to ticks on yours or someone else's lawn. You are more likely to be hit by a falling asteroid than be bitten by a tick on your lawn. I am not suggesting that Lime Disease isn't absolutely horrible--I have a neighbor who for years was gravely afflicted by this disease--but ticks prefer the wild forest. Surely such a forest and a suburban lawn are two very different environments. Also ingesting pesticides is not the same thing as absorbing them dermally, via skin or via inhalation. Pesticide residues in food are processed by the liver, rendering them virtually harmless, while the other kinds of exposures result in residues going directly to the brain, bypassing liver which is the cleansing organ.
Matt March 11, 2012 at 07:42 PM
There is a lot more to properly applied than protecting the guy applying it. It also has to do with using the correct amount at the correct time, with the correct conditions to protect EVERYONE.
Thomas Cornick March 11, 2012 at 07:55 PM
I am at a loss as to how you drew your conclusion Matt. The last I knew it took about a day for the tick to pick a spot and imbed itself enough to transmit the disease sometimes longer which means if you shower the purpose is to knock off any ticks still walking around and expose your skin for inspection. I don't quite get the hat idea, but wearing smooth finished light colored clothing will make the ticks easier to spot when they are walking on your clothing and either duct taping your trousers to your socks or tucking them into your socks prevents a lot of trouble. And most people bitten by ticks even black legged ticks do not get Lyme disease only about one percent . Stay in the center of trails, avoid tall grass, educate yourself- here is a link to the CDC http://www.cdc.gov/lyme/transmission/index.html
K. Jean Cottam March 11, 2012 at 08:06 PM
Ticks are very likely to land on your head. This is why wearing an appropriate hat prevents them from getting entangled in your hair, whether you are a man or a woman.
Thomas Cornick March 11, 2012 at 08:54 PM
It makes sense if you are working the vineyards and under the vines, I wear a hat as sun protection so the tick angle never crossed my mind. Of course it does beg the question- How tall are you?
K. Jean Cottam March 11, 2012 at 09:23 PM
I am still a bit dubious about the beneficial effect of a proper application of pesticides. It seems to me that this is an argument put forward by professional pesticide applicators rather than coming from independent and impartial scientists.
Jay March 11, 2012 at 10:40 PM
You are really running around in circles. Here on the shoreline it is seldom that "pests" invade grass. It does happen in really brutal weather - extreme heat, rain, etc and can happen anytime if the groundskeeper does not do the simple things. Understand no one wants to use these chemicals - they are expensive and frankly do not work that well . Considering all the chemicals you bring into your home every day, exposing yourself and children directly for at least 8 hours Indoors you really need to get some balance. Kids do not spend time laying on the athletic fields - they do not eat there or of it, they are in open so anything they breath is so diluted as to be none existent. The scare stories are by nutcases and people who feed off your concerns financially and emotionally. Fact - know anyone suffering from asbestosis? I can almost guarantee you do not unless there is someone who worked in a shipyard or mine thirty years ago. But we have spent billions stripping it out of window caulking and interior plumbing completely isolated from people. It was a con and we are still paying due to the paranoia the remediators cause.
Kristin March 11, 2012 at 11:39 PM
Mr. Cornick, some of the information in the CDC link you provided is HORRIFICALLY inaccurate. The CDC and NIH are part of the problem, and the reason why I cannot get treated for my Chronic Lyme Disease. I don't have the energy to go into this in any more detail now. It is too infuriating and exhausting to even think about. But anyone reading this who would like more information about Chronic Lyme Disease and/or the controversy surrounding it, feel free to contact me (is there a way to send private messages on Patch?) and I would be more than happy to help in any way that I can.
tom March 12, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Well all knowing and self righteous THOMAS CORNICK my first attempt of a poignant truth was removed and censored. Yes America is, but was even greater before the control freaks took over.
K. Jean Cottam March 12, 2012 at 02:14 AM
It is an indisputable fact, however, that the cancer rate is very high among men who have been exposed to the mining of asbestos.
wtfdrez March 12, 2012 at 04:17 AM
Thomas, when your time is up...it's up. Can you please explain the grossly overweight, alcoholic that lives till they are 80 and the 10 year child that dies from a rare form of cancer? You can't..because I can't.....Are pestisides bad? yes, but not using them could be even worse.
Jay March 12, 2012 at 01:05 PM
Weird very Weird. This column was about Athletic fields yet most of the post were re ticks - who hang out in woods. The too frequent pariod comment referencing the antisocial belief that authority types are liars and engaged in a vast conspiracy against the poster reinforces again my conviction that we are paying far too much for what the limited value of our education system.
tom March 12, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Well wtfdrez it seem pretty simple to me... that it all boils down to the assembly of the genetic material combined at the moment of conception. If you start out with quality human stock you should have quality human health. Any abnormally added chemical traces/toxin and or hidden genetic time bombs are all wrapped up in the luck of the draw at that moment. Yes I think we have a limited effect on longevity by our lifestyle choices. The more modern medicine extends the life of the genetically weak we run the risk of putting more flaws into the gene pool increasing the odds of more physiological misfortunes. But what do I know Mr Cornick seems to think hes the genius in this thread.
Norah G Fon March 21, 2012 at 03:16 PM
Cottam’s ASSERTIONS about the IMAGINARY DANGER of pest control products are RIDICULOUS.   Moreover, COTTAM is actually a designation for a group of Anti-Pesticide Ghost-Writers designed to DECEIVE the public ANONYMOUSLY.   This group DECEIVES THE PUBLIC about the COTTAM name, just as they DECEIVE THE PUBLIC about the IMAGINARY DANGER of pest control products.   Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION has led to CATASTROPHIC CARNAGE for businesses operating in the Professional Lawn Care Industry.   The 9|11 Era of Anti-Pesticide Terrorism is a HORROR created by the CONSPIRACY of ENVIRONMENTAL EVIL that has ANNIHILATED the Modern Professional Lawn Care Industry.   Anti-Pesticide Activists, like COTTAM, CONSPIRE to PROHIBIT pest control products that are, in fact, HEALTH-CANADA-APPROVED, FEDERALLY-LEGAL, SCIENTIFICALLY-SAFE, and PRACTICALLY-NON-TOXIC.   For more information, go to the following links ...   http://pesticidetruths.com/toc/carnage-caused-by-anti-pesticide-prohibition/ http://pesticidetruths.com/toc/cottam-ghost-writers/   WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G   NORAHG is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to harm the Green space industry. http://pesticidetruths.com/
K. Jean Cottam March 23, 2012 at 12:03 PM
What happened to the comment I just submitted? It is unfair for you to exclude my comment while including the misleading yet very entertaining contribution by Norah G Fon, a pseudonym for a group of Canadian pesticide promoters, old men who include pornographic images of stupid-looking young girls in the newsletter inflicted on a number of prominent Canadians. The alleged group of wicked ghost writers is a figment of their rich imagination!
William H. Gathercole & Norah G March 23, 2012 at 09:01 PM
Conventional pest control products are SCIENTIFICALLY SAFE. Decisions regarding pest control products are to be left with both Environmental Protection Agency and Health Canada. These government agencies, and NOT Anti-Pesticide Activists like the Cottam Ghost-Writers, have THE ESSENTIAL EXPERTISE on the subject of pest control products. Both Environmental Protection Agency and Health Canada have assessed that products containing 2,4-D DO NOT POSE UNACCEPTABLE RISKS to human health or the environment. Are we to believe that an assessment from an ANONYMOUS Ghost-Writer is somehow worth more than these agencies ?!?! For more information about COTTAM, go to the following links ... http://pesticidetruths.com/toc/cottam-ghost-writers/ For more on DERANGED LOW-CLASS TRAILER-PARK MYSOGINISTS, go to ... http://pesticidetruths.com/wpcontent/uploads/2012/01/Force-Of-Nature-Culprit-Cottam-Ghost-Writers-2012-03-31-UNMASKED-My-Naked-Teats-Are-Not-Harmed-By-Pesticides-pdf.pdf WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G. NORAHG is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to harm the Green space industry. http://pesticidetruths.com/
Norah G Fon March 24, 2012 at 02:56 PM
Children DO NOT develop Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder because of pest control products. There is NO SINGLE KNOWN CAUSE for all of the different types of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. NON-EXPERT Anti-Pesticide Activists like Sheryl DESPICABLY USE SICK CHILDREN to SCAM and DECEIVE the public MERELY TO INFLUENCE PUBLIC OPINION ABOUT LIFE-STYLE CHOICES such as lawn care. Activists like Sheryl KNOW NOTHING about pest control products, but knows lots about MINDLESS, SENSELESS, and FRAUDULENT FEAR-MONGERING ! They basically IGNORE SOUND SCIENCE because it is CONVENIENT for them to do so ! Anti-Pesticide Activists like Cheryl USE SICK CHILDREN to validate UNPROVEN and IMAGINARY DANGER with conventional pest control products. It can be concluded that activists like Sheryl could not care less about the health children. For more information about PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS AND CHILDREN THAT ARE NOT AT RISK, go to the following web-page ... http://pesticidetruths.com/toc/children-are-not-at-risk/ WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G. NORAHG is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to harm the Green space industry. http://pesticidetruths.com/
K. Jean Cottam March 24, 2012 at 03:21 PM
Interestingly, Wm H Gathercole and Norah G are the only contributors here who routinely resort to overcapitalization; this, I am sure, the vast majority of contributors would find highly annoying. Gathercole etal are in a habit of forcing their misguided rantings and ravings down everybody's throat. Moreover, the kind of language they use--e.g. "sound science"--is usually avoided by all independent experts.


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