Readers Sound Off On Free Parking At Mystic Arts Center Lot

The Groton Town Council approved free parking at the Mystic Arts Center Parking Lot in an effort to lure shoppers to downtown Mystic.


On Wednesday Patch published a story about the to pay for free parking at the in an effort to lure shoppers to downtown Mystic amid the ongoing streetscape project. 

Even before the Groton Town Council voted to approve the free parking, , on Facebook and Twitter about the idea.

Some applauded the Groton Town Council for taking action, saying it took a lot of time for the Groton officials to realize that business is down because of the streetscape project, but that at least something is being done now. Others were upset by the decision and believe the money to pay for free parking should come not from the town’s money but from the contractors. 

Still others want to know how the streetscape project got to where it is now and who is responsible for the project. 

Here’s a sampling of some of your comments:

"I fully support our local and family businesses! However, Groton has screwed up their planning once again! Let's remember who pays for this AGAIN. The businesses AND the taxpayers. What is going on? How can WE let this happen AGAIN?”   

“Knowing that parking will be more easily available (& not require a credit card) is definitely more of an incentive for me, personally, to go to Mystic more often. I've been on record that it's a hassle for us to go there lately so I'll definitely see how opening the lot back up works. I'm all for it.”

“So, us Groton taxpayers are going to foot a bill of $50,000 so that the mostly out-of-town (and non-Groton-taxpaying) merchants can make more money this summer? I guess that is what happens when you have a GOP-run Town Council.”

“I think this is wonderful news and it hurts my heart that "it's a waste of tax dollars." Put yourself in someone else's shoes George and be happy that the town cares about improving the area that you live in. Maybe you should get out and get to know your neighbors so you can understand how bad it truly is for the merchants. Mystic is beautiful and this will only help us move forward. Thank you Groton!”

“Parking is not the only problem. There is no way Groton can mitigate all the angst we are enduring.” Dorothy Hanna

“I also am pleased action has been taken to improve the moral down town. It took a lot of noise to prove business is down, it took a very short time for the government to allocate 50k. This should make us look twice at our local government. I ask again how did we get here? The most shocking thing about this article is the milling of the road to take place during the day. We have been told since May the milling would be done at night. Noitice the Orange tags in town saying no parking from 4am till 5 pm all day tomorrow. That means zero dollar days for the merchants again. I am begging you, once the dust settles come shop Mystic, who ever is left can now advertise there is free parking!”

“I only hope they put up signs so out of towners can actually find the parking lot. They could reroute them so coming into Mystic they take the right before the Baptist Church and left onto water street at the Emporium. This may help with some of the backup on Main St.” Linda Hurteau

Patsy Crothers June 21, 2012 at 07:08 PM
That's a great idea to reroute the tourists to take a right and stay on New London Rd. and come out by the Emporium, then into the parking lot by the Art center!!!
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