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Working together to train smarter not harder
Working together to train smarter not harder

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Performance or Injury Treatment

At PTS, we believe in training smarter not harder.  In the case of endurance athletes, is the hard work being done the problem of poor results or injury plagued season?  We believe that focused training plan leads to faster times, improved recovery, and less injury. This approach requires you to target both your engine to produce more horsepower, and your chassis to ensure you are moving symmetrically, efficiently, and gracefully.

Avoid Injury,  Increase Performance.

82% of runners are hurt in their career yet running is one of the most elemental forms of exercise out there. PTS is poised to change those statistics, and improve your economy while we are at it.

Working with endurance population, it has shown us that each athlete is different, and can (and should) run in a manner that compliments their body structure. It is critical to evaluate each athlete’s mobility, stability, strength, and power to determine how they should run. Because we all know that (running) form follows (body) function.  After we know what’s going on, we’ll assemble a treatment plan to address your unique issues and fix your body and your running form for the long term.

An Objective Eye: Data doesn’t lie.

Many authorities begin their running assessment by watching you run. While the trained eye can pick out a lot of detail, it misses the bigger picture entirely. To put it simply, the forces that affect your body’s joints can’t be seen by the naked at. At PTS’ Lab, the cornerstone of our evaluation is a very detailed focus on your biomechanics and patterns of movements that the eye cannot see

Injury: When you have the ability to quantify the things that no eye or camera can see, you can zero in on your causative biomechanics—the true cause of your issues. This approach is the single most effective way to identify a problem (or problems) and correct it.

Performance: Our objective analysis allows us to answer questions for you. Instead of asking, “How should I run?” our system allows us to show you in real time. It’s the difference between finishing and finishing with a new PR.

Footwear: Our information provides us an insight to proper footwear; we use this same approach to identify what footwear choices match up with your body and gait style.

From Gait Analysis, Lactate threshold, Interpretation and baseline testing, we can put together a plan to make you #trainsmarternotharder

Call today for more information on getting the most out of your current training plan.

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