Four Promoted at Groton Town Police

Congratulations and thank you!

From Lt. John W. Varone, Detective Commander, Groton Town Police:

The Groton Town Police Department promoted four officers Friday: Lt. Brian Dawson, Sgt. William Wolfe, Investigator Derek Robertson and Investigator Lauren Fippinger.

Lt. Brian Dawson and Sgt. William Wolfe have been assigned to the Patrol Division. Investigators Robertson and Fippinger have been assigned to the Special Services Division.

Lt. Dawson was appointed to the Groton Police Department in August, 2000, after serving in the United States Marine Corp for 11 years.   He was promoted to Sergeant in 2012.   Lt. Dawson is a Use of Force and Tactics Instructor, which encompasses all aspects of weapons, including hand to hand, impact weapons, handcuffing, chemical irritants, and firearms.  He is a National Tactical Officer’s Association certified crisis negotiator, and well as active shooter response instructor.  Lt. Dawson served as Field Training Officer, Bike Officer, and Motor Officer.   Lt. Dawson holds A Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Connecticut.   Lt. Dawson is 43 years old.


Sgt. William Wolfe, was appointed to the Groton Police Department in May, 2002, after serving 12 years in the United States Marine Corp.   Sgt. Wolfe served as K-9 handler for many years, and also served as one of the department’s Field Training Officers.   In addition to this, Sgt. Wolfe was a intricate part of the department’s Community Policing Programs, serving as a community police officer assigned to the Navy Housing section of town for more than eight years.    Sgt. Wolfe has many decorations and commendation including five Mothers Against Drunk Driving commendations, a K-9 Commendation and the Medal of Honor for Bravery.  Sgt. Wolfe is 41 years old.

Youth Investigator Derek Robertson was appointed to the Groton Police Department in February, 2002.   Inv. Robertson is a certified use of force instructor, specializing in less lethal force tactics.   Inv. Robertson served as a Field Training Officer, as well as a community policing officer assigned to the Poquonnock Bridge section of town for seven years.    Inv. Robertson is also a member of the department’s color guard.  Inv. Robertson  is 41 years old.

Youth Investigator Lauren Fippinger was appointed to the Groton Police Department in October, 2007.   Inv. Fippinger is a certified DUI detection and enforcement instructor as well as one of the department’s primary crisis negotiators.   For the past 5 years, Inv. Fippinger has been the department’s Special Olympics’ Law Enforcement Run coordinator.    Inv. Fippinger holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Charter Oak State College.   Inv. Fippinger is 29 years old.   Inv. Fippinger, although officially promoted today, was unable to attend this ceremony because she is attending DARE instructor training. 






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