Officials: Mystery Solved, The Booms Were Earthquakes!

The mysterious tremors or 'booms' Patch reported on Friday, were …earthquakes. Albeit small ones.

Ground motion image posted on the Town of Groton Emergency Management Facebook page.
Ground motion image posted on the Town of Groton Emergency Management Facebook page.
The Town of Groton Office of Emergency Management confirmed on its Facebook page that the mysterious booms we reported about on Friday were in fact earthquakes. Albeit small ones. Here's the story and photo from the emergency management Facebook page:

"Yep.....it was an earthquake.
We don't know if the news media has picked up on it yet but ...The "booms” that were reported on Friday morning were, in fact, earthquakes.

We made an inquiry with the Western Observatory @ Boston College that morning. Apparently they were closed for the Thanksgiving weekend but just reported back to us that they did register two earthquakes Thursday morning - the first at 9:05am and then again at 9:42am. Both quakes had the same magnitude of M1.8 and were both very shallow events meaning they were audible events. Small earthquakes at a very shallow depth are commonly heard and reported as sounding like explosions.

We have included a “picture” of the ground motion as recorded by the Western Observatory. I highlighted the seismic waveforms for you, surrounded by white boxes along the 09:00 horizontal (blue) line.
Cool stuff."

Denise December 02, 2013 at 05:33 PM
The booms were on Friday not thurs!
Ellyn Santiago December 02, 2013 at 05:53 PM
Thanks, Denise. Yes, it was Friday. I think that was just a keystroke mistake on the Emergency Management FB page.


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