Police Shoot Dog at Mystic Hotel After Attack

A large-breed dog attacked a woman and a police officer Sunday. The officer fired on the dog to stop the attack. The dog was not killed.

Stonington Police Capt. Jerry Desmond said the investigation is continuing following a dog attack in a Mystic hotel Sunday that forced an officer to shoot the dog. The dog was injured but survived the shooting.

According to Desmond, the large breed dog attacked a woman in a Marriott Residence Inn on Route 27 hallway. Desmond said the woman’s injures were “severe.” Desmond said officers approached the dog being held by its caretaker but was “out of control and attacked the officer.” The officer, who was not named, fired on the dog.

Both the woman and officer were treated for wounds sustained in the attack.

A Groton Animal Control Officer was able to get ahold of the dog, officials said, secure it and remove it from the building.

Desmond said it was unclear if the woman who was attacked knew the dog or its caretaker.  He said the dog may have belonged to a relative of the caretaker but whether the victim knew either is unclear.

He said the investigation is ongoing.

Here is The Day story on the incident.  


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