Twenty Years Ago … End of Watch GCPD Officer Snyder

The 44-year-old police officer William J. Snyder, Sr. was directing traffic when a car struck him.

Twenty years ago today, Groton City Police Department officer William J. Snyder, Sr. died from injuries he sustained in October 1993 when, as he was directing traffic in a construction zone, he was struck by a car.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, the 44-year-old police officer was working in a zone where the road had been reduced to one lane. An elderly driver either disregarded or did not see Snyder’s signals to stop and struck the 18-year veteran of the GCPD.

Sadly, Officer Snyder never regained consciousness after being injured and passed away on Jan. 16, 1994.

Our thoughts and condolences to his family.









District 7 January 17, 2014 at 12:17 PM
I wish from this tragic story about Officer Snyder that it had made some changes in the way traffic officers are outfitted. Often, due to sun glare or other concerns, it is difficult to see the little "Stop" signs that the officers hold up. If they all had yellow or red reflective vests or jackets on, one would be much more aware of their presence and able to see their directives. This really should be required. I often realize at the last minute that I hadn't seen the officer or the sign, mostlty because there are so many things to watch out for at a construction site which divide one's attention.


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