[Update, 2 p.m.] Election 2012: Official Avon Voting Results

The registrars of voters are checking some tallies and more information will be provided once it becomes available.

About 10,452 people voted in Avon Tuesday, including 9,068 voters in person and 1,384 absentee ballots, or about 82.8 percent of about 12,613 registered voters in town.

By comparison to the last presidential election, the voter turnout percentage was much lower this time. In2008, voter turnout election between Obama-Biden and Republicans John McCain-Sarah Palin reached 86 percent.

As of 10 a.m. Wednesday morning, the registrars were double checking some numbers, so here is an update in the unofficial results including absentee ballots.

Votes were being counted until 2 a.m. early Wednesday morning in Avon.

That included a brief period of vote counting by flashlight and emergency lights when the power company cut electricity to the Town Hall region of Avon. That was so SNET could fix damage after a car crashed into a telephone pole Monday night.

Unofficial Avon Results Update

Candidates Avon Total Vote Count (including presidential and absentee ballots)
Absentee Total Votes in Avon President 2 p.m.
Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan (R) 5,537 771 *Barack Obama-Joe Biden (D) 4,818

631 Rocky Anderson-Luis Rodriguez (I) 24

7 Gary Johnson-Jim Gray (L) 81
10 Jill Stein (Write-in)
N/A U.S. Senate 2 p.m.
Linda McMahon (R, I) 5,354 (including 198 Independent votes)
697 (including 20 Independent votes) *Chris Murphy (D, WF) 4,757 (including 118 Working Families votes)
598 (including 9 Working Families votes) Paul Passarelli (L) 141 15

U.S. House, 5th District 2 p.m.
Andrew Roraback (R, I) 5,556 (including 255 I)
724 (including 35 I) *Elizabeth Esty (D, WF) 4,461 (including 165 WF)
577 (including 11 WF)

State Senate, 8th District 2 p.m.
*Kevin Witkos (R) 6,233
813 Daniel J. Seger (D, WF) 3,691 (including 136 WF)
460 (including 11 WF)

State House, 17th District 2 p.m.
*Timothy B. LeGeyt (R) 4,942 502 David Pena (D) 4,633 421

State House, 19th District 2 p.m.
Jon Landry (R) 1,283 181 *Brian Becker (D) 1,400 162

*denotes overall winner.

Since Republican Registrar Laura Hunt and Democratic Registrar Ann Clark both ran unopposed in their parties, they have been re-elected to serve as Avon registrars of voters.

Linda M. Jensen November 08, 2012 at 03:53 AM
What was the outcome of the vote for Registrar of Voters in Avon? Did Ann Clarke or her opponent win the race for this office?
Jessie Sawyer November 08, 2012 at 05:34 AM
They both ran unopposed, so they're both registrars again.


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