[Update] Election 2012: Brian Becker Wins 19th District House, Witkos Claims Victory in 8th State Senate

This is based on an unofficial vote tally.

Brian Becker will serve another term representing Avon, Farmington and West Hartford after winning the 19th District, according to an unofficial vote tally.

"I'd like to thank the voters of West Hartford, Avon, and Farmington for their continued confidence in me.  I plan to work hard to justify their trust," Becker wrote to Patch on Wednesday morning. "I'd also like to thank all of the donors and volunteers who made the campaign possible."

Even though Republican Jon Landry was a placeholder candidate who did not campaign, he still got about 4,791 votes total in comparison to Becker's 6,709. That is based on an unofficial vote tally from Avon, Farmington and West Hartford that excludes absentee ballots.

Becker, 50, of West Hartford, earned 1238 votes in Avon, 5,048 in West Hartford and 423 in Farmington, while Landry, 37, of Farmington earned 1,102 in Avon, 3,288 in West Hartford and 401 in Farmington, according to unofficial results

Landry told Patch that he called Becker to congratulate him on the win. Becker confirmed Wednesday morning that Landry called to concede.

Avon Democratic Town Committee Chairman Daryl Worobow said that he was pleased Becker won in Avon.

"A lot of it had to do with increases in Democratic registration in his district and he did campaign well in the district," Worobow said.

He added that he was "surprised at Landry's results" given that he didn't campaign.

For coverage of Election Day in Avon, click on the link provided.

8th District, State Senate

Shortly before 10 p.m., Kevin Witkos also claimed victory in the state's 8th Senate District but said he had not received a concession from Democratic opponent Dan Seger and acknowledged all the numbers were not in. Official numbers were not immediately available. 

Late Tuesday night, Seger said he had not seen all the numbers but acknowledged “all indications are that (Witkos) has won his third term as state senator of the 8th District.”

Witkos thanked supporters gathered at the Canton Indoor Golf Center and said the state needed to reign itself in fiscally. 

"We are standing on a fiscal cliff and are looking down on a sea of debt," Witkos said. "I pledge to do my best to stop the tax and spend Democrats in Hartford."

Worobow said that despite the news, "Dan ran a good hard campaign" on the Democratic ticket.

"I'm disappointed he couldn't catch Witkos," Worobow said.

17th District, State House

State Rep. Tim LeGeyt won re-election to the state's 17th House District Tuesday night. According to early results, the candidate won by a tally of 7,171 to 4,689 over his Democratic challenger, David Peña of Avon. 

"The Republican Party is alive and well in the 17th District," he said. "I'm pleased that I won in each town." 

He also said he appreciated his opponent's professionalism.

"David Peña is a very fine guy," LeGeyt said. 

Peña did concede Tuesday night. 

"It comes to me as a suprise," Peña said of the results.

He said that Avon didn't have the voter turnout it did in the 2008 presidential election.

"The results are indicative of people voting strict party," Peña said. 

He thanked his supporters who helped him during the campaign and congratulated LeGeyt.

"We both ran a good, clean race," Peña, not noticing any negative campaigning.

Worobow also said he felt disappointment at the outcome in the 17th District.

"I think the Democratic committee members thought he would win here in Avon," Worobow said. "He plays a meaningful role in the town.

Editor's Note: This article was updated Wednesday morning to reflect Becker's comments.


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