Electric Boat Awarded $25.2M In Navy Contracts

EB will repair the USS Annapolis in Groton and will do repair work on nuclear submarines and carriers in Washington state


The U.S. Navy has awarded with $25.2 million in repair contracts, Sens. Joe Lieberman and Richard Blumenthal and Rep. Joe Courtney announced.

According to the press release, $15.4 million of the deal will pay for the repair of the USS Annapolis in Groton. The remaining $9.8 million will cover costs of repair work on nuclear submarines and carriers at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Washington state.

“This maintenance work comes at a welcome time to further stabilize the workforce at Electric Boat as the yard ramps up toward two sub per year production,” Courtney said in the release.

“The irreplaceable men and women of Electric Boat have earned the confidence the U.S. Navy and Pentagon to service and to modernize our most valuable naval assets on a variety of platforms. I thank the Navy’s leadership for this much-appreciated boost to our area’s submarine industrial base.”

According to the press release, work on the USS Annapolis is expected begin this fall, employing 225 workers.

Close to 60 EB employees are expected to work on the Puget Sound project, the release says.


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