Groton Emergency Management Weighs in on Storm

Six to 8 inches, 20 MPH winds and chills from those 'breezes' make it feel like 10 below zero!

Clearing the way in Mystic after first storm of 2014! Credit: Ellyn Santiago
Clearing the way in Mystic after first storm of 2014! Credit: Ellyn Santiago
From the Groton Office of Emergency Management:

Well that wasn’t too bad…………
Locally we are sitting at about 10 degrees with about 6-8” of snowfall. Add in the 15-20 mph breeze brings the current wind chill down to -7-10. Winds and gusts will slowly diminish during the day today however temps will remain right around 10 degrees until late this afternoon when they will drop into the single digits tonight through tomorrow morning. Occasional flurries are expected this morning and they too, will diminish and stop this afternoon. 

Overall roads are in pretty good shape however until the winds dies down, expect running into the occasional snowdrift. Nothing will melt until tomorrow afternoon when the temps start to rise. . 

Tomorrow starts off very cold but thankfully with little wind. Temps will increase to right around freezing as the afternoon progresses which means whatever snow remains on the roads will start to melt and then freeze into ice patches. 

Sunday evening we may see the start of another storm system which could affect your morning commute Monday so pay attention to the weather folks on Sunday.
Happy Friday and don’t over exert yourself outside – it is too darn cold.


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