The Election is Officially Over

Secretary of State Denise Merrill officially certified election results Wednesday and Connecticut had the 7th highest voter turnout in the nation.

It's official. On Wednesday, Secretary of the State Denise Merrill certified the results of the 2012 General Election on November 6 for Presidential electors and the offices of United States Senator, Representative in Congress, and Connecticut General Assembly.

By state law, the Secretary of the State, the State Treasurer and the State Comptroller must “declare what persons are elected” on the last Wednesday of the month of election. (A complete list of those election results is attached as a PDF to this article.)  

Although voter turnout was slightly lower than it was in 2008, when a record 78.14 percent of registered voters in Connecticut cast ballots, voter turnout in 2012 was still high at 73.77 percent.  

“Despite the challenges we faced following Hurricane Sandy, Connecticut voters came to the polls with a very strong turnout on Election Day,” said Secretary Merrill. “By certifying these election results, we are officially putting into the record books the final word on one of the more exciting and historic elections in the history of our state. Overall, I commend the hard work done by local election administrators and poll workers to make sure the election ran as smoothly as it did.”

Connecticut had the seventh highest voter turnout in the nation, according to state and media reports. This statewide turnout figure does not include results from the town of Prospect, which as of yesterday still hadn't reported voter turnout figures to the Secretary of the State’s office as required by state law. 

Bridgewater had the highest voter turnout of any town in the state, with 94.75 percent of registered voters casting ballots in the Presidential Election. 

Secretary Merrill yesterday launched a voter feedback line and is asking voters for their impressions of elections in Connecticut by email to the address: vote@ct.gov 



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