What To Do With Fitch Middle School is Town's Problem Now

The last graduation held at the school was held June 2012.

Fitch Middle School. Patch file photo
Fitch Middle School. Patch file photo

The Day reported that at the Wednesday liaison committee meeting of the City Council, Town Council, Representative Town Meeting and Board of Education the issue of turning over the former Fitch Middle School to the town was once again raised leaving town officials wondering what next to do with the building, one that held Groton students 84 years.

The last graduation was held in June 2012 and the school was closed right after. 

In September of 2012, it was decided the site would house recreation programs.

In February of 2013, School Board Member Bob Peruzzotti suggested the school district turn Fitch Middle School over to the town to save $130,000 in maintenance costs a reverse of the original plan to hold onto Fitch Middle to have swing space during future school construction.






Mary Lou Peck January 10, 2014 at 08:55 AM
Once again, the Town of Groton taxpayers are stuck with the bill due to lack of planning by the powers that run the town. Once again, there was no plan in place to reuse, sell and, worst of all, properly maintain an aging building before abandoning a structure that well served our community for many years. Now we learn it can't be used because it is not "up to code". If our leaders are wondering why the taxpayers keep overwhelmingly rejecting their plans to bond for yet even more spending, they might want to consider this type of reckless action. I've lost count of how many empty school buildings we are paying to maintain and insure and now we have added another to the pile. Rising property taxes are forcing people on limited incomes from our town and yet the burden on taxpayers continues to climb.
Rick Cady January 10, 2014 at 10:12 AM
Mary Lou, you are so right. Too bad this is the wrong platform to present your views, they need to be presented to our esteemed town council and their boss the town manager. Groton has no concept of what preventative maintenance is. I say this because the previous inept board of ed maintenance manager received praise for his work before and after his retirement which was a travesty, "let it go into disrepair and build new". Time for change!
Blue state Blues January 12, 2014 at 11:21 AM
Rick, Just to clarify.The town council is the boss of the town manager. Although he acts like he is their boss and they let him get away with it. Hopefully the new council will put him in his place.


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