Groton's Burning Question Of The Week: How Should The Town Redistrict Its Middle Schools?

Two options are on the table. Which do you think is best?

Superintendent Paul Kadri outlined two options for redistricting the middle schools this week, and a decision will be made shortly.

The first option would send students from Charles Barnum, Mary Morrisson and Pleasant Valley and Catherine Kolnaski Magnet School into West Side Middle School. Students from S.B. Butler, Northeast Academy and Claude Chester would go to Cutler Middle School.

This option has the advantage of keeping children from each of the elementary schools together. But it would also send nearly all of the military students to West Side.

 The second option would feed students from Charles Barnum, S.B. Butler and Northeast Academy into Cutler Middle School, and send students from Mary Morrisson, Pleasant Valley and Catherine Kolnaski Magnet School to West Side. Students from Claude Chester would be divided; half would go to Cutler and half would go to West Side.

This option has the advantage of providing more balance in terms of military students, as some would attend each middle school. But it would divide an elementary, so some children would not attend the same middle school as their classmates.

What do you think Groton should do?

mystmom February 23, 2012 at 04:01 AM
I've just had the opportunity to watch the Town Council meeting, from 21 February, at GMTV on line. Mr Flax specifically asked for a spreadsheet, or the like, showing the numbers the 'plan' is based on. Mr Trego had to admit there wasn't one; However, he did tell Mr Flax he could speak to Mr Greenleaf, and other staff, to get the information the plan was based on. Another thing that occurred to me was Mr Augment stating that as a member of the FFAE, he supports the plan Mr Tregos presented. Mr Augment implies by, again, stating he is a member of the FFAE, that they endorse this 'plan'. Why hasn't the FFAE, as a group that "just want(s) to inform people...", posted the plan somewhere? People have been asking for it. I agree with rugger 23, "...move to a full process plan...", get it out to the community, or it just may be too late to get public support.
Jennifer Sim February 23, 2012 at 01:16 PM
I do know that board members will receive many mailings from the public expressing how they want things to operate. Most citizens know to share these details to the entire board and then often express the details in a public meeting. In the four years of tenure, not one single document had passed the board's hands that documented a new "plan" supported by FFAE. If you are so concerned that a plan is being hidden, then use your voice. Use the FFAE. Use the Patch. Make it public. Obviously there are plenty of individuals, even Town Council members, willing to listen. I just don't buy that you are worried that the BOE asked you not to share your thoughts on it. I also question naming endorsements from individuals who are not making that same claim. Where is your evidence that Mr. Greenleaf, backed the plan? Don't get hung up on the who, what, when, where. Just post the numbers and let the plan speak for itself. We see you are excited about its potential.
Jennifer Sim February 23, 2012 at 01:20 PM
There are many many ideas put to the BOE members that do not make it out to the public. For example, one RTM member suggested last year that classrooms can be successful in class sizes of 40. BOE members have to weight the rationalism of ideas before they waste the resources of the district moving them forward. If your plan is rationally articulated then let everyone see it and make the BOE accountable for not moving it forward. To me, this approach would be a win win for you.
watchdawg1 February 23, 2012 at 09:56 PM
If you listen to the words of Mr. Aument, he does not say that he 'endorses' Mr. Trejo's plan. What he is saying that the town should look into it because it saves money. Talk to Mr Trejo about the plan, not the FFAE.
mystmom February 23, 2012 at 10:49 PM
I stated "Mr Augment IMPLIES by, again, stating he is a member of the FFAE, that they endorse this 'plan'." I have listened to Mr Tregos talk about his plan several times; I just can't take is seriously without those same numbers Mr Flax asked for last night.


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