Groton School Political Action Committee To End

“Friends for Affordable Education” would be closed at the beginning of August.

Andrew Parrella, the chairman of a Groton political action committee formed in 2011 to oppose the Phase 11 school construction referendum in favor of a more affordable alternative, has decided to close out the group in August.

Parrella said in an e-mail last week that he believes the organization, Friends for Affordable Education, has reached a crossroads where it must be closed and see another political action committee formed to address items besides education and other parts of the budget.

“It is really hard for me to end this group as I have never seen and worked with such a caring group of people who just stepped up to the plate and acted in such a professional and almost somewhat ‘spiritual’ way to accomplish a cost savings that we all believed to be the best for all the citizens of Groton,” he wrote.

, within two weeks of Representative Town Meeting's vote to send the proposed $133 million school construction proposal forward to voters at referendum.

The plan was overwhelmingly defeated at the polls.

“I would state that we accomplished a tremendous effect with our concentration of the referendum vote in 2011, and I feel we have absolutely galvanized the electorate here in Groton for some time to come,” Parrella wrote.

The decision to close Friends for Affordable Education comes as town and school officials work .

The Town Council and Board of Education are scheduled to hold a special joint meeting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday in the Town Hall Annex to hear an update on the task force.

They plan to ask Mike Zuba, associate senior planner with the Branford consulting firm Milone & MacBroom, to facilitate discussion of the group. Once Zuba is on board, the task force would be appointed.

Mayor Heather Bond Somers said recently the group has 18 potential members, but others may be added before final appointments are made. Zuba has suggested that each school involved also have a representative from the Parent Teacher Organization.

Parrella said Groton faces issues with the superintendent and other school issues that will be determined shortly. He said the direction of a future middle school long-term plan would be guided by the committees assigned to that role.

" . . .My only hope is that you all will continue forward in your spirit of hope for the town in whatever form you choose that will benefit the most people in the case at hand," he wrote to his colleagues. "There is never danger in trying to change something as long as we are all guided by some underlying code of ehtics that fosters offereing the best we can be for those down the line to follow."


Kg Trejo July 30, 2012 at 08:03 PM
I thank you Andrew, for all of your time, effort and accomplishments over the past 16 months and for caring about the Groton Taxpayer.
Dave July 31, 2012 at 04:36 PM
It would be nice to see some articles about the negative impacts of having 0.0% school budget increases for 3 years in a row. Or about how many of the schools are deteriorating. Its ironic how he refers to the members as "such a caring group of people". They seem like uncaring old men, without school age children, who oppose every spending measure, no matter how imporatant it is. It was shocking how many personal attacks there were against Kadri before the phase 2 vote. His plan was brilliant and well thought with the state covering most of the cost. I doubt the revised plan will be such a good deal. I don't believe Andrew deserves any thanks!!!
groton1 July 31, 2012 at 06:42 PM
To: "Dave" - You are so out of touch with with the economy, we would expect a comment such as that. It was about time a group of people challenged the powers to be and it was long overdue. The problem with government and people who think like you "Dave" and follow a man like Mr. Kadri, paid 160,000.00 dollars a year, now classified as a bully, with lawsuits against him in this district and others, is a comment to itself. Also, the 0 percent increases in budgets for 3 years is called controlled spending of a town which is out of control for many years. Capital improvement funding incrementally to impact people mildly on fixed incomes is better. Caring people got involved, old and young alike, men, women and the voters decided they could not afford that tax increase. Blindly funding education witha an open checkbook is bad!. Mr. Kadri, if so brilliant, should not bully people. Dave, you should contact Ms. Dottie Hoyt and others and see how Mr. Kadri's lack of leadership hurt many people. Even John Scott has come clean to Kadri's bullying! But I suspect that you make a lot of money "Dave" and can afford to waist money! A thousand Thank Yous to Andrew and Friends for Affordable Education and the voters of Groton for having the last say!
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