Lacrosse Club Scores with Mystic Manufacturer's Helmet Donation

New lacrosse programs wins with $4,000 helmet donation from Mystic-based company


Even before the newly formed Montville Lacrosse program holds its first practice, it has already scored a win.

Acme Wire Products Co., Inc. of Mystic donated 24 brand new Cascade CPXR lacrosse helmets worth more than $4,000 for the new program; the helmets will become school property.  

The fledgling lacrosse club in Montville is district-approved as a high school team sport but receives no district funding. Players are responsible for providing their own equipment which includes helmets, sticks, gloves, shoulder pads and arm pads.

Helmets are one of the most necessary, yet costliest pieces of equipment. 

Acme president Mary Fitzgerald said her company "is proud to be the primary facemask provider to the largest lacrosse helmet manufacturer on the market and we wanted to support the local community through this donation."  

Fitzgerald said the company started the helmet donation program 15 years ago "as a way to expand the awareness of the sport of lacrosse as well as provide students from local high schools with the opportunity to participate in lacrosse."

Montville lacrosse vice presdient Michael Doherty said to date, about 50 high school students have already signed up both the girls and boys teams. 

The first practice will be held on March 18 and the first game is tentatively scheduled for April 4.  The Montville Youth Lacrosse programs are still accepting registrations and additional signups are scheduled for March 9 and March 16 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Fair Oaks School Community Center.  

Acme, precision wire component fabricator, manufactures the wire facemasks used in Cascade helmets -- over more than 1.5 million for lacrosse and other applications.  


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